Press release: DigitalScaler & ORMIT train recent graduates to become Digitizers

DigitalScaler and ORMIT throw young talent into the deep end of the digital transformation pool

Brussels – The current economic situation forces companies to accelerate or intensify their digital transformation. The cost of the project and the scarcity of the right talents however, often act as a brake. That’s why DigitalScaler and ORMIT introduce the Digitizer1 Program, designed to help both companies and young talents move forward. In order to emerge as winners from today's crisis, the companies can deploy young talents who are trained and coached by DigitalScaler & ORMIT. Young people like to make use of this solution. After all, they are immediately employable and build up a lead through the intensive training and coaching offered to them.

More now so than ever, it is paramount for companies to move quickly to stay economically relevant. Circumstances are harsh: the economy is shrinking, clients are more demanding by the day and developments keep on coming at a rapidly increasing pace. Digital transformation offers a solution to stay ahead of the competition. In addition to implementing technology, a transformation is mainly about agility and focusing on customer experience. Attention then immediately turns to the cost of digitization and the availability of experienced staff for its implementation.

In reply to these challenges, DigitalScaler and ORMIT have come up with a unique solution hitherto unknown in the market. The Digitizer Program integrates skills, agility, customer experience and personal development in a single package that immerses Digitizers in DigitalScaler and ORMIT’s extensive knowledge of customer-oriented agile transformations.

Tomorrow’s striking power
During the program, young trainees will work on a company’s digital transformation from within. Once the Digitizer program is completed, the company will be given the opportunity to integrate them. In this way the transformation can be continued, ensuring a seamless transition.  “The world is changing, and so are businesses. ORMIT guides companies into the next era. Skills may change, but the need for talent will keep on growing. Learning will become more important than knowing”, says ORMIT CEO Thomas De Wulf. “We want to support young talent and build bridges between them and the business world where digital transformation is a high priority item”, continues De Wulf.

A win-win
With the help of Digitizers, companies now have the possibility to be up and running in a heartbeat. By involving young talent at the heart of their digital transformation, companies make use of a unique opportunity to keep the Digitizers’ knowledge on board. That is nothing but good news to customers who want to be served better and faster.

Even during this tough economic period, the Digitizers get to work much faster. While a training stop is implemented in many companies, our Digitizers are being developed and guided to become business agility and customer experience experts, backed up by strong interpersonal skills. With this relevant digital knowledge and experience, they are well ahead of their fellow youngsters, fresh out of school and looking for a suitable job.

DigitalScaler and ORMIT use combined learning methods. The process is based on four cornerstones: gaining experience, training, coaching and peer-to-peer reviews. Several times a month, all Digitizers follow a training, be it virtual or in the classroom. The trainings on offer are as diverse as they are in-depth, ranging from communication trainings and change management to leadership development.  “DigitalScaler adds the operational training”, says Sonja Noben, CEO DigitalScaler. “The emphasis will be on agile frameworks, tools and techniques up to and including customer journey methods and customer experience measurements.”

All the competences and skills necessary to become a good change catalyst & leader and to guide transformation will be taught. Right from the start, each Digitizer will be assigned a coach or talent development manager. He or she will help the Digitizer and guard over his progress.

[1] Digitizer: expert in Business Agility and Customer Experience.

About DigitalScaler
DigitalScaler was founded in March 2019 in Belgium. We offer advice, training, and digital solutions, both on the strategic and executive level. We are a scale-up looking to help our clients create a successful future in a digital society by guiding their transformation journey and scaling their business while focusing on the customer.

Our team includes highly experienced experts in customer engagement and agility. They are change and communication masters as well as digital technology champions. We ensure that the digital and agile transformation ambitions of our clients are put into practice, hands-on and with in-depth expertise. A thorough approach to change and communication management is applied throughout a whole transformative cycle, stimulating employees and the company culture through hyper-relevant training.

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ORMIT is a leader in talent development. We give organisations access to critically selected talents that are ready for use in the business.

For the past 25 years, our philosophy has remained unchanged: ORMIT wants young people to get the very best out of themselves and others, on the basis of personal leadership. This is how we make organizations and people more successful by finding, developing, and binding their unique talents.

In 2020, ORMIT has been awarded as one of the Best Workplaces in Belgium for the 8th time.

ORMIT wants to be an inspiring employer, setting a good example for the young talents who will be tomorrow's change catalysts and leaders. In addition, the Great Place To Work organisation rewarded us with a number of special awards such as the Special Award for 'Continuous Learning' and the Special Award for 'Strategic Talent Development'.

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