Media alert: Copperhead launches a non-alcoholic taste explosion

Dive into summer with the unique craftsmanship of Copperhead and Filliers Distillery

Kortrijk, 4th of May 2021 – Belgian gin brand Copperhead has been winning the hearts of gin lovers in Belgium and far beyond. It was founded in 2013 by Yvan Vindevogel who, with his background as a pharmacist and his knowledge of herbs successfully developed a unique elixir of life. In 2021, Mr. Copperhead is proud to announce the alcohol-free version that he always dreamed of. “Not many people know this, but I hardly drink any alcohol. So I have been on the lookout for an alcohol-free alternative for  Copperhead Gin”, says Yvan Vindevogel. “We didn’t want to bring some insipid extract of a gin onto the market, which had little more going for it than flavoured water. To serve you the perfect Non-Alcoholic alternative, we researched innovative brewing processes for two years.”

For this purpose, Copperhead called on the craftsmanship of Filliers, one of the oldest craft distilleries in Europe. Just like Copperhead Original, the process for Copperhead Non-Alcoholic starts by soaking the botanicals that give the typical Copperhead taste. After a unique fermentation process, high-quality extracts are added to round off the taste. This innovation creates a complex and surprising sensation in the mouth. Next the whole mixture is distilled in a sophisticated process in copper pot/column stills. The finishing touch consists of a blending of the purest spring water and refined distillates. The result: an alcohol-free elixir of life with a herbal taste which is barely distinguishable from a real gin. The impossible made possible.

A blessing for Mr. Copperhead himself and for all Copperhead fans looking for a delicious and alcohol-free alternative, as well as being vegan and low-calorie and fits in perfectly with today’s healthy food trends. “Copperhead Non-Alcoholic matches a more aware lifestyle and enables people to fully enjoy a distilled non-alcoholic and tonic”, says Yvan Vindevogel. The products are portrayed artistically by Athos Burez. “Athos Burez has succeeded in capturing eloquent shots that tell the whole story and the production process of Copperhead Non-Alcoholic in one picture”, concludes Vindevogel.

Try the latest member of the Copperhead family at home, or soon on the terrace of your favourite bar. Copperhead Non-Alcoholic is extremely accessible and is an ideal match with Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic. Finish with a garnish of fresh orange and dried juniper berries.

The new Copperhead Non-Alcoholic will be available via specialised drink stores or the online drinks specialist from this weekend. Recommended price: € 25.

About Copperhead
Yvan Vindevogel, inventor of Copperhead, started his career as a pharmacist. During his childhood years, he developed a passion for herbs, with which he carried out some harmless experiments in his cellar at home. So his choice to develop his subsequent studies in the field of pharmacy was not really much of a surprise.

In 2013, Vindevogel was inspired by an article about gin and the medicinal powers that were formerly linked to it. Fascinated by the whole history of gin, he decided to take a much deeper look Into the alchemy. His pharmaceutical background, knowledge about herbs and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship, finally brought him to his ultimate destination: the launch of an elixir of life. Ultimately it was named Copperhead Gin. The Copperhead name refers to various elements. On the one hand, it refers to the copper stills where the gin is heated, and on the other, the name refers to the hose, known as the Copperhead, which is the symbol for pharmacy.

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